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Service trolley for hotel&restaurant
Service trolley for hotel&restaurant

Service trolley for hotel&restaurant

Product ID : LLT038
Product Attributes :Service trolley for hotelrestaurant is most convenient for waiters to transport liquor,tea,beverage.
Product Description

Service trolley for hotel&restaurant provide a convenient and effective way to waiters serve guests on transport liqour,beverage,tea.

Service trolley.jpg  Service trolley for hotel&restaurant is made of stainless steel frame in gold color,wood board in mahogany and swivel plastic wheels.This liqour service cart is a must-have for bar,hotel,restaurant.With contemporary elegance design,this beverage cart stunning as a decorative piece and  functional as a moving bar.Bar cart provide a easy way for storage bottles,glasses and features 4 built-up wine bottle holders for safe and easy transport.Restaurant service trolley is flanked by 3 rail design in 3floors and include 2 push handles in both sides for flexible push forward. 


Name:Service trolley for hotel&restaurant

Length:  1020mm

Width:   510mm

Height:  1020mm

Material:  stainless steel,woodoen board,plastic wheels

Color:silver,satin,gold,rose electronplating,powder coated available

Type: Service trolley for hotel&restaurant


service trolley.jpg 3floors wood shelves for easy storage and plenty display.

service trolley.jpg 3 rails on each floors protect bottles secure display.

service trolley.jpg swivel casters move with ease and locking in safety.

service trolley.jpg durable stainless steel construction in deluxe gold finishing.

service trolley.jpg with 4 wine glass holders to secure bottles upright in transit. 

service trolley.jpg 2 push handles in both sides for flexible push forward.

service trolley.jpg creat a easy way for waiters to offer the best service for guests.

service trolley.jpg contemporary elegant design decor your space with great taste.

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