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Post Sign holder
Post Sign holder

Post Sign holder

Product ID : LDS056G
Product Attributes :Post Sign holder with a weighted sign base display warning,notes and informational signs at a perfect height.
Product Description

Post Sign holder provide a easily way to display graphic or message in high-trafficked areas to attract potential customers' attention and patronize your businesses.

Post Sign holder.jpgPost Sign holder made in eco-friendly stainless steel,gold eletroplating finish can resists corrosion and rusting.Sign stand has stability pedestal can be used indoors and outdoors.This floor signs featured in easy replace printing notes just slide menu or posters through frame insert. A transparent acrylic cover protects the menu from dirt and easy clean.Sign holders available in variety of portrait and landscape are suitable for hotel, restaurant, lobby ,bar, meseum.Menu stands ensures that every aspect of the graphics within the menu display will be captured and highlighted that offers greatest visibility to the customers. The restaurant advertising stand can be used in indoors or ourdoors.The display board changes to posting are quick and no tools request.Exhibition sign stand usually used as advertising tools to display latest notes and project your company a professional image to customers.


Name: Post Sign holder

Length:  590mm

Width:   305mm

Height:  1620mm

Material:  stainless steel,iron paint body,heavy pedestal

Color:silver,satin,powder coated available

Type: Standing Post Sign holder


Post Sign holder.jpg

 Simply design in eco-friendly stainless steel can upscale your environment.Post Sign holder.jpg

Post Sign holder.jpg Maximum visibility to potential customers in public areas.

Post Sign holder.jpg Elegant constructure can suit display in different environments.

Post Sign holder.jpg Menu Sign Post is a combination of economy,practicality,versatility and compactness.

Post Sign holder.jpg Sign stands features steel frame with board frame in deluxe design.

Post Sign holder.jpg Poster Frame is equiped with transparent acrylic cover for high visibility.

Post Sign holder.jpg Display board stand replace ads quickly without tools.

Post Sign holder.jpg Sign board stand widely use for hotel,school,organization,libraries.

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